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Breaking News Editor, IBTimes US

Department: International Business Times
New York City

Job Title: Breaking News Editor, IBTimes US

International Business Times (IBTimes), a digital news publication, is seeking a digitally-savvy Breaking News Editor to lead the coverage on and lead its breaking news desk.

The Breaking News Editor will cover key and trending US and international news stories. The arc of coverage will start from the breaking of the story and will continue following the story’s development, by always adding special insight and / or analysis, with IBTimes’ unique take throughout the life of the story and the stories that derive from it. The Breaking News Editor will be responsible for building a high-quality, high-speed, high-energy team of 10 to 20 writers in the US to start, to cover key national, economic, international topics, adding to the conversation with special insights and content.

The Editor and his/her team will cover national, international news, entertainment, culture, technology, social stories etc. and create a high-speed, high-quality newsroom environment creating value for the IBTimes’ readers.

Primary job responsibilities include:

1. Building the Breaking News Desk: The Editor is responsible for all aspects of the upcoming Breaking News Desk. Including strategy and its execution as well as creating a rewarding culture of performance, quality, goal-driven throughout the Desk.

2. Hiring and Managing the Breaking News Desk Team: The Editor is responsible for the hiring of digitally-inclined writers in the USA that fit with the culture, vision and requirements of the Breaking News Desk and creating a challenging yet rewarding environment for the writers.

3. Coordinate with the US Editor and create a symbiotic editorial workflow and output. While the US Editor will focus on enterprise US business, markets and economic stories, the Breaking News desk will provide coverage for major developing stories worldwide.

4. Work with other IBT teams to develop and improve the delivery of content through various media (text, short, long videos, audio, etc).

5. Ensuring editorial standards are met: The Breaking News Editor must ensure that all content published by IBTimes meets the publication's standards for accuracy. This includes ensuring that sources are properly vetted, that facts are verified, and that content is free of bias and errors.


• Please provide links to your 3 best articles.

• What are the reasons you are interested in this position?

• Why should we hire you as a Breaking News Editor?

• What are your long-term career goals?

• Why are you seeking a new position?

• Are you willing to work in the office?

• Are you willing to undergo a background check?

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