IBT Media is the umbrella that unifies both iconic brands and innovative upstarts with the common vision to connect the dots around the world to fuel your passion and enable informed decisions.

With authoritative journalism in 4 different languages, our content gives readers in 190 countries a window on current events, inspired perspectives, information to act and to discuss. Our brands are published by local staff in 5 countries, and include International Business Times, Newsweek, Medical Daily, Latin Times and iDigitalTimes, and more.

And with constant innovation we are ensuring that whether by website, app, newsletter or feed, you have access to global information that moves your world.

IBT Media is owned by its co-founders, Etienne Uzac and Johnathan Davis.

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  • Etienne Uzac
    Etienne Uzac
    Co-Founder, CEO

    Etienne Uzac is the co-founder and CEO of IBT Media, a New York based digital media company. Etienne started the company in 2006 with Johnathan Davis after completing his Bachelor's degree at the London School of Economics.

    Etienne grew up in France and South Africa and while studying for college in London, he saw an opportunity to enhance the business media offering to emerging and fast-growing countries. He thus started working on the launch of International Business Times (ibt.com), a digital media property with now over 40M monthly unique visitors.

    Building on the success of IBTimes, Etienne and Johnathan spearheaded the launch of new consumer media brands. They also acquired the renowned Newsweek brand and are still working on its transformation for the digital age.

  • Johnathan Davis
    Johnathan Davis
    Co-Founder, Chief Content Officer

    Johnathan Davis is Chief Content Officer of The International Business Times Inc. He is responsible for digital content strategy across the company's global network, and the deployment and delivery across new and existing platforms. Davis co-founded the company with current Publisher and Chief Executive Etienne Uzac.

    Davis previously served as the company's first Executive Editor, establishing global reporting and ethical standards, as well as developing editorial operations across the world. With this framework, IBTimes has grown to serve the needs of over 50 million monthly readers on every continent.

    Before IBTimes, Davis worked as an engineer at several semiconductor companies, including Nvidia and S3. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with Computer Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles.

  • Michael Lukac
    Michael Lukac
    Chief Technology Officer

    Michael Lukac is the Chief Technology Officer at International Business Times. He oversees the global IT strategy, design and deployment of all business units.

    Prior to his current role in New York, he was based in London and worked as the IT Director at IBTimes UK. Lukac held various IT titles prior to joining the organization, including the University Hospital Ruzinov in Bratislava, Slovakia.

    Lukac received his masters in Computer Science and Industrial Engineering from FEI Technical University at Kosice, Slovakia.

  • Itai Maytal
    Itai Maytal
    General Counsel

    Itai Maytal is the General Counsel for IBT Media, Inc. He is responsible for managing legal matters for the company, including contract negotiation, newsgathering and publication concerns, privacy oversight, licensing, intellectual property management and litigation.

    Itai was previously with the law firm of Miller Korzenik Sommers LLP, where he advised and litigated on media and entertainment issues. He also taught First Amendment and general media law at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. Itai was the inaugural First Amendment Fellow at The New York Times Company, where he defended libel actions; litigated access to courts; counseled the company's newspaper and Internet clients on intellectual property usage and agreements; and worked with its journalists on a variety of reporting initiatives.

    Itai received his law degree from Cardozo Law School in 2008, during which time he completed internships in the legal departments of The Associated Press and The New Yorker magazine. Before law school, he worked as a journalist for the Watertown Daily Times (N.Y.), a business wire called mergermarket.com and a judicial watchdog site called judicialreports.com. Itai is a 2003 graduate of the Columbia Journalism School and a 2000 graduate from Yale University.

  • Emily Scheer
    Emily Scheer
    Public Relations Director

    Emily Scheer is the Public Relations Director of IBT Media. She handles press outreach across the company's brands, including Newsweek and International Business Times.

    Emily has spent her career in news and media, having previously held positions at CBS News, CNN, TheStreet, Inc. and The Rosen Group. She was named a “min Rising Star” in 2014, which recognizes media leaders under 30 who have impacted the industry.

    Emily was on the Dean’s List at Cornell University, where she graduated with a BA in film and government.

  • David Kennedy
    David Kennedy
    Director of Ad Operations

    David Kennedy is the Advertising Operations Director for The International Business Times and leads the Ad Ops team handling all the advertising on their website, IBTimes.com and its satellite sites.

    Dave joined IBTimes in August 2011 after building and managing the advertising operations at Accuweather, Inc. for eight years.

    After twenty-two years in the Army, Dave retired from the military and went back to school to obtain his degree. He is a graduate of Lock Haven University with a BS in Computer Information Science.

  • Dev Pragad
    Dev Pragad
    Managing Director, EMEA

    Dev Pragad is the Managing Director, EMEA for IBT Media. He successfully launched the UK IBT office in 2009 where IBTimes UK and Newsweek EMEA editions are based. He is responsible for the overall strategic planning and development of the company and its commercial growth in EMEA.

    Prior to joining IBT Mr Pragad worked as an Academic Researcher at King’s College London. He holds B.Eng in Computer Systems and Ph.D in Mobile Internet from King’s College London, University of London.

  • 2005

    Beginning Etienne Uzac, Johnathan Davis, and Dev Pragad conceive a global newspaper that can serve the needs of businesses nationally, while connecting the dots internationally.

    Uzac and Davis move to New York to finalize plans and begin operations.

  • 2006

    Official Launch IBTimes is officially incorporated in New York

  • 2007

    IBT Forex Center & Commodities Center The IBT Forex Center was launched in Q4 of 2007 and has grown to become the largest portal serving currency traders on any mainstream publication.

    The IBT Commodities Center is launched, providing news, analysis, and opinion for commodities traders

  • 2008

    IBT Education & IBT Travel The Education Site is launched, offering news regarding business-schools for prospective students and those generally interested in the industry.

    IBT Travel is also launched, comprising primarily of features on destinations of interest around the world.

  • 2009

    Global Network Dev Pragad joins the company after to help setup the global network. Prior to that Pragad was assisting Uzac and Davis on technology and operations matters on ad hoc basis.

    IBT Jobs, Health and Real estate Jobs and Careers section is launched in Q2 of 2009, giving insight on the global labor markets, with trend analysis and tips for the job seeker.

    IBT Business and Health is also launched, with a news focus on health sector, and features relating to personal health and health research

    Responding to the heightened demand for private and commercial real-estate information after the unfolding of global markets beginning in 2008, IBT launches its Real Estate vertical shedding light on the buying and selling of global residential and commercial properties. It also highlights interesting architecture around the world and design trends.

  • 2010

    Continued ExpansionIBTimes continues to expand its coverage, launching several new verticals to cater to the varied interest of its core business audience.The specialty sections include a new Luxury section, catering to luxury lifestyles, Books which followed traditional publishers and the rise of self publishing, Education tracking global MBA programs, and Entertainment following global stars and the companies that produce them.

    Later, Law, Arts and Design, and Autos were added, rounding out IBTimes as a business focused publication with the breadth and depth necessary keep readers ahead of the trends.

    The first commercial products also launched, including a subscription newsletter featuring proprietary news and equity analysis, and the launch of a custom research arm.

  • 2011

    Exponential GrowthIBTimes launched an innovative newsroom strategy, incorporating new inhouse real-time analytics, and a revolutionary upgrade to its proprietary content management system to connect global-edition editors inside a unified system.

    The publication sees 1200% growth and moves into a new 50,000 square foot headquarters in downtown Manhattan.

    The first year of IBT1000 was launched, a new proprietary global index of the fastest growers across the world and their stories.

  • 2012

    IBT Media Uveiled with Several New BrandsThe company reorganizes as IBT Media, an expanded global media group to better leverage intellectual property developed in IBTimes, while also positioning it to serve comprehensive coverage across a number of domains, including business, consumer interests, medical and technology. The new group comprises both publishing and platform divisions to meet the needs of readers around the world.

    The group launches with several new niche websites, such as iDigitalTimes, iDesignTimes, and iMotorTimes, in addition to other specialized sites to serve and create communities of enthusiasts that seek to follow the latest news surrounding their interests.

    New Platforms LaunchedBizu.tv, a new business friendly video platform is launched to serve the needs of C-level executives, small business owners, investors and more with high-quality video. The platform operates as a syndicator and a destination

    The IBTimes iPad app is also launched, giving readers global news and insight away from their computers on the go.

  • 2013

    Broadening the Base As a newly formed media group, IBT Media identifies further underserved markets and launches new publications to meet that demand. MedicalDaily launches to serve coherent, accurate, easy to understand health and science information. HollywoodTake gives a new take on Hollywood with exclusive access to stars and industry insiders. LatinTimes launches to serve a growing, underserved market of Latinos in the US and abroad.

    IBT Media Acquires NewsweekIn the fall of 2013, IBT bough Newsweek from IAC. IBT believes in the 80-year-old brand and the amazing journalism it has produced. Newsweek's long history of delivering high-quality, impactful news aligns well with IBT Media's culture and mission.

  • Future

    IBT Media will continue to innovate in digital media, aiming to bring a new digital paradigm to business-to-business publishing, and social publishing technologies. Stay tuned...

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Global Editorial Code of Ethics

IBT Media Editorial Guidelines outlines the standards IBT Media expects of all content written by our News and Editorial Departments -- regardless of brand -- content partners and anyone who makes content for IBT Media.

It is imperative to the integrity and success of IBT Media that editorial and content contributors uphold the highest ethical and professional standards of journalism.

Business Journalism Principles

As a newspaper that strives to offer the best in financial and business journalism, IBT Media has reviewed and adopted the Code of Ethics of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers Inc. (SABEW).

It is not enough that we be incorruptible and act with honest motives. We must conduct all aspects of our lives in a manner that averts even the appearance of conflict of interest or misuse of the power of the press.

A business, financial and economics writer should:

1. Recognize the trust, confidence and responsibility placed in him or her by the publication's readers and do nothing to abuse this obligation. To this end, a clear-cut delineation between advertising and editorial matters should be maintained at all times.
2. Avoid any practice which might compromise or appear to compromise his objectivity or fairness. He or she should not let any personal investments influence what he or she writes. On some occasions, it may be desirable for him or her to disclose his or her investment positions to a superior.
3. Avoid active trading and other short-term profit-seeking opportunities. Active participation in the markets which such activities require is not compatible with the role of the business and financial journalist as disinterested trustee of the public interest.
4. Not take advantage in his or her personal investing of any inside information and be sure any relevant information he or she may have is widely disseminated before he buys or sells.
5. Make every effort to insure the confidentiality of information held for publication to keep such information from finding its way to those who might use it for gain before it becomes available to the public.
6. Accept no gift, special treatment or any other thing of more than token value given in the course of his professional activities. In addition, he or she will accept no out-of-town travel paid for by anyone other than his or her employer for the ostensible purpose of covering or back grounding news. Free-lance writing opportunities and honoraria for speeches should be examined carefully to assure that they are not in fact disguised gratuities. Food and refreshments of ordinary value may be accepted where necessary during the normal course of business.
7. Encourage the observance of these minimum standards by all business writers.

Using articles or columns written by non-journalists is potentially deceptive and poses inherent conflicts of interest that editors should guard against. This does not apply to clearly labeled op-ed or viewpoint sections or "Letters to the Editor."

Providing Financial or Other Advice

Editorial members are asked to refrain from offering financial advice, except in articles they may write. They may not do anything that would require registration as an investment adviser. They may not manage money for others, accept investment advice, or operate or help operate an investment company of any sort, with or without pay. They may, however, help family members with regular financial planning plans.

Investments and Financial Ties

All business editorial staff members may not report, write, or be involved in the editing process of a story about a company in which you or members of your immediate family own securities. Editorial staff members may also not write about other companies in the same industry that you own stocks in.

Furthermore, you may not write about companies -- or the industries of companies -- in which you actively trade options. Nor may you write about commodities -- such as energy products -- if you trade futures in those markets.

Editorial staff may not conduct in-and-out and may not buy or sell options or futures or sell securities short. You may, however, trade the securities of companies you don't cover, in industries you don't cover.

In addition, you will be required to in a Confidential Financial Disclosure Memo to the editor-in-chief of your brand of your ownership of stocks, bonds, and other securities of individual corporations. All the information that must be disclosed includes; holdings in industry-specific mutual funds, industry-specific hedge funds, and industry-specific exchange traded funds. Holdings of your spouse, partner and other members of your immediate family must also be disclosed in the memo. The names of the brokerage firms that you or family members work with will also need to be disclosed.

If a staff member holds no relevant investments, this must also be recorded. Staff members are required to update their disclosure memo, no later than one week after the transaction date, should a change occur.

Disclosure of Potential Conflicts

Included in the Confidential Financial Disclosure Memo, editorial staff members are required to give a description of any other potential conflict of interest, including your other financial holdings as well as any personal conflict that might arise from family members and their place of employment. For example, if your spouse works at a competitor, this information must be disclosed.

If a staff member has no relevant possible conflicts, this must also be recorded in the Confidential Financial Disclosure Memo.

Outside Speaking Engagements

While outside speaking engagements may largely benefit the reputation of IBT Media, staff members are however required to first seek approval from the editor-in-chief or their respective supervisor.

IBT Media editorial staff members may appear before an outside group if the appearance is a conflict of interest in the brand’s impartiality. As a result, no staff member who takes part in the event (hosting, public forum, panel discussion etc.) may write or edit news articles that cover the event.

Personal Relations with Sources

When engaging in a relationship with sources, editorial staff members are required to practice self-discipline and sound judgment. Although the establishment of sources is mainly done in an informal environment outside regular office hours, IBT Media advises staff members to avoid creating a state of partiality or the appearance of it.

However, staff members are required to maintain relationships at a distance in order to avoid favoritism which may result in a biased news piece. Moreover, staff members should be aware that sources are also eager to form a good relationship with us for reasons of their own.

Additionally, IBT Media does not pay for information. This means editorial staff members may not enter into a financial relationship of any kind with a source, except with the prior consent of the editor-in-chief or a supervisor.

You may do business with companies you cover for the purpose of securing normal bank loans, mortgage loans, and credit cards. In all such cases, however, you may not receive extra favorable terms that are not offered to members of the public.

Journalistic work outside of IBT Media

IBT Media allows our staff members to accept occasional freelance work that does not directly compete with our own editorial offering. Prior to accepting outside work, you will need to get approval from an editor-in-chief or your respective supervisor.

However, if the work directly competes with an IBT Media offering, IBT Media reserves the right to not permit you from taking the outside work.

Since your outside work will also reflect on IBT Media, staff must still adhere to the these ethical standards. They may not accept compensation, expenses, discounts, gifts or other inducements from a news source. Similarly, any staff member who creates a blog online must insure that his or her online conduct conforms to these guidelines and affiliation with IBT Media should not be mentioned.

Moreover, no one may undertake an assignment of any kind for a company, industry group, political party, labor union, or any third party with whom your personal affiliation might undermine the reputation of IBT Media for impartial and independent journalism.

Accuracy rules to follow

  • Use named sources whenever possible, and ask your sources to go on record.
  • IBT Media will use unnamed sources where necessary when they provide information of market or public interest that is not available on public record. IBT Media alone is responsible for this information.
  • Make sure the ground-rules are clear before speaking with a source.
  • Take notes and record the interview.
  • Cross-check information, weigh a source’s background, track record, position and motive.
  • Talk to sources on all sides of a deal or dispute.
  • - A sources compact is with IBT Media, not the reporter. If asked, you are expected to disclose your source to your supervisor. Protecting the confidentiality of the source is tantamount to reporter, editor and supervisors.
  • Try to disprove as well as prove your story.

Plagiarism and fabrication

Editorial staff is strictly prohibited from using someone else's work as his or her own. Plagiarism occurs when large chunks of text have been cut-and-pasted, and without citing where the text originally came from. All editorial staff members must gather and verify every piece of information that is included in their final product.

On the rare occasion when we can't confirm a critical fact that another publication has reported, we must credit the fact to that publication. If you are ever unsure about the use of such material, you can consult the editor-in-chief or your supervisor.

We also recommend you notify the editor-in-chief or your supervisor if you feel that another publication has plagiarized your work.

Similarly, photographers may only use IBT Media or licenses photos and may not make changes or adjustments to images or photos.


When using a source, complete attribution should be given to them by writing the full name of the source and as much information as needed to identify the source and explain why he or she may be trusted. If necessary and the information is available, include a source's age; title; name of company, organization or government department; and hometown.

Notice for Claims of Copyright Violations

If you believe that your work has been copied and posted on our site in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, you should provide our Copyright Agent with a written notice that sets forth the infringement details. To be effective, the notice must contain the following information:

Please provide:

1. A description of the copyrighted work that you believe has been infringed;
2. A description of the material that you claim is infringing the copyrighted work identified in #1, and a detailed description of where it is located on our website.
3. Your address, telephone number, and email address;
4. A written statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law;
5. A statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner's behalf; and
An electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright interest.

Email: copyright@ibtimes.com

For our sites that have subscriber, membership or similar account holder privileges, we reserve the right, in appropriate circumstances and at our discretion, to terminate the privileges of any account holder who repeatedly infringes the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of International Business Times or others.


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